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Products Packaging and Storage Quality Control
Roxlor, using its own staff and laboratory, manage all product dossiers to insure their conformity to U.S., European and other regulations. Its expert staff can consult on regulatory policy (including GRAS status), formulation, application, labeling and nutrition. We specialize in innovative nutraceutical and cosmeceutical ingredients based on sound scientific evidence.
The Roxlor Group headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware with operations in the United States, Europe and Asia, manufactures high quality two-piece hard gelatin capsules for the pharmaceutical and dietary supplement markets AND manufacturers innovative nutraceutical and cosmeceutical ingredients for the North American, European and Asian dietary supplement and food markets.

Roxlor specializes in identifying innovative ingredients and bringing them to market around the world either by partnering with manufacturers or through its own manufacturing resources. The product line is limited to unique ingredients that offer innovative and versatile solutions to the food or dietary supplement industry. All products offered by Roxlor are backed by sound scientific evidence proving their safety, quality and efficacy.

Roxlor France, is a leading European manufacturer of hard gelatin capsules for the Pharmaceutical Industry. Roxlor produces capsules with excellent consistency and machinability and strives to develop innovative solutions to meet our customers' needs. Roxlor has developed proprietary capsule technologies to produce hard capsules with marine gelatin and from Pullulan, a natural polysaccharide.

Acquacaps®; 2 piece hard gelatin capsules, are made exclusively from marine gelatin with no synthetic materials added. The capsules are odorless, highly soluble, stable over time, and machinable (no brittleness).

Pullucaps®; 2 piece hard gelatin capsules are made from Pullulan and are a natural product. The capsules are highly soluble, stable and are machinable without brittleness. The clarity of the capsules is far superior to HPMC capsules and their oxygen barrier is 8x superior to bovine capsules.

Roxlor International is the US sales and marketing arm of the Roxlor Group. Roxlor International specializes in the development and implementation of marketing and sales strategies for the innovative nutraceutical and cosmeceutical ingredients in the US.

Roxlor Nutra is the international sales arm of the Roxlor group. It specializes in ensuring proper registration of ingredients in foreign countries and in the sales and marketing of the ingredients around the world. Roxlor Nutra has developed an extensive distribution and broker network around the world to bring Roxlor's innovative ingredients to market.