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Roxlor currently manufactures five types of capsules: Roxlor manufactures empty hard capsules for the pharmaceutical and dietary supplement industry in sizes 00, 0EL, 0, 1, 2 and 3. All operations are assured through our comprehensive QA procedures to conform to European Pharmacopoeia standards and the specific requirements submitted by our customers.

Standards colors (white, transparent and ivory) are always in stock and all other colors can be manufactured upon request of customers. We also manufacture pearly capsules. All colorants are approved by our customers and conform to the European directives and the French and European Pharmacopoeia.

The capsules can be decorated with radial or axial printing, double colour.

Roxlor prides itself on product innovation as shown by the introduction of Acticaps in 1999 and Aquacaps in 2001 and Pullucaps and Bio’R in 2010.

Acticaps are capsules containing plant extracts (pineapple, red grapevine and wheat germ) naturally rich in bromélaine, tannins, flavonoides and vitamin E. These capsules provide a highly bio-available supplement of these vitamins and minerals through digestion of the capsule.

Aquacaps® are produced with fish skin gelatin raised with plants, proteins and food in conformity with the European guideline 2000/766/CE JO of 4.12.2000 relative to the food of the animals. - There is no need to modify the AMM file. Aquacaps conform with the European Pharmacopoeia and posses the same machineability, stability and dissolution as regular capsules.

Pullucaps are produced with Pullulan, a natural polysaccharide. Pullulan is well known throughout the Pharmaceutical and Food Industry, in fact is produced from a natural fermentation process utilizing plant extracts with no genetically modified materials and non pathogenic. Pullucaps are produced utilizing a unique production method which resolves the well known problem moisture loss in pullulan based capsules. They are hard capsules contain no preservatives, no additives and no surfactants.

Bio,Rs are produced with porcine organic gelatin or with fish organic gelatin with no chemical modification and they are certified Ecocert.